Welcome to our webpage. Here you will find the showcasing of all our newly packaged coatings products which have been developed and manufactured since 1994 using only the best sourced ISO 9000 internationally-approved raw materials. Through intensive research and development, consistency, quality control and up to date formulations, we are able to deliver our top quality, environmentally-friendly products to you the consumer. As members of SAPMA (The South African Paint Manufacturers Association) we are committed to manufacturing our products free of any lead and low in VOC’S (Volatile Organic Compounds) wherever possible.

Sustainability of the environment is part and parcel of our goals towards zero wastage and remaining eco-friendly into the future.

Our products include an extensive range of Premium, Standard and Economic Ranges in both Water-Based and Solvent-Based Coatings for use on any substrate; i.e. Primers, Undercoats, Top Coats, Sealers, Roof coatings, Floor Coatings, Road Marking, Wood and Waterproof Coatings. These products are available in a host of colours and textures to satisfy anyone’s choice or specifications.

This website will guide and advise you as to which products, colours and methods of preparation and application need to be utilised to achieve a quality finish. Click on the Technical Data Sheet button on each product page for this information and use our product specifier under Tools to guide you in the right direction with the correct products. Click on our “Seal of Quality” button for a full insight into where we are at with regards to our Total Quality Management Control System. Some useful links to associate websites, such as SAPMA, The Paint Quality Institute and Weather Forecast are also included for your convenience. Feel free to connect with us on Facebook or directly via e-mail.

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